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29 June, 2011 22:36

Today I decided to spend some time organizing my delicious bookmarks and tags. I am really terrible at keeping track of my saved sites and at the end of the day I end up with a pile of useless bookmarks which I’ll never browse again. Luckily my bookmarks weren’t as many as I thought them to be.

So to make a long story short I started following some simply steps

1. I checked every single link to see which are still active and online.
Most of them were dead links. Some of them weren’t so interesting as much as I remembered. I removed both.

2. Bookmarked pages from sites where I already keep a profile, go there.
That means: If I have a YouTube video bookmarked I remove it and favorited it on my YouTube profile instead.

3. Blogs or anything else with rss goes to my Google reader not my delicious bookmarks.

4. I organized my bookmarks in categories according to the context, theme, what they were about or in what activity they engage me to.

5. I tried to have one single tag for each bunch of bookmarks.

6. I tried to avoid vague tags like “cool stuff” or “amazing”. Also I avoided tags like “blog” or “flash player” coz they refer more to how the site looks like and not what is about.

7. I used the “tag description” option to explain what it is about. Otherwise I will forget the use of the tag and it is possibly to recreate a new one for the same purpose.

The tags and the descriptions are:

artists (personal home pages of artists or pages who talks about artists I like)
clothes (e- shops with clothes or other stuff)
games (games to play)
tools (Internet tools like search engines and other online applications)
browsing (cool stuff on the Internet which didn’t mach in any other tag)
creating (online painters, tutorials and tools which help to create something)
reading (books, articles, magazines)
listening (online radio, music sites and players)
traveling (whatever helps me to organize a trip)

Also I am thinking to create a new tag for all the stuff I want to see again some other time but i don’t tend to keep forever (like stuff I want to read more carefully).
So lets call this tag “temporary“.


22 June, 2011 20:47

1. Malibu salad from Simply Burgers.

2. CupcaKes.

Note to myself: You should read Chomsky.

18 June, 2011 18:15

Πόσο θα ‘θελα ο Γ. Μπαμπινιώτης να ήταν θείος μου και τις Κυριακές να τον έβλεπα στο οικογενειακό τραπέζι.