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31 August, 2011 18:21

I remember a few years ago reading interviews with Crystal Renn saying that fashion industry pushed her to lose weight in order to get jobs but her body couldn’t take it. Thus she became a plus-size model, in fact a very beautiful one. I just watched some photos of her being so skinny. So I guess fashion industry- Crystal Renn 1-0.


30 August, 2011 13:23

This morning I checked my gmail inbox and I had a couple emails from a very special one (<3) and a couple chain mails. Usually I delete them immediately, but today I opened this one mail with the most exclamation points on its title than the others. The email was about Genpents. I have never heard about them and it is supposed to be some sort of humanoid pets made of skins, bones, tissues, they breathe but the are drugged so as to be low maintained, come out in 7 different personalities and are available even in super markets.There was also a photo of a little happy child holding one packaged Genpent. The email sender was urging me and the other 23.876 receivers of this text to spread the word the outrageous news. Everyone has to know.

There are many things that bother me in chain mails because let’s face it, they are annoying and stupid. They make a huge fuss in a very dramatic tone of things that actually don’t exist but even if some of these emails are about serious issues I don’t know how the “let everyone know” attitude will solve the problem. Since when have chit chat, gossip and sending an email are able to make us feel┬áthat we took action against something that we think it’s not ethical right, it’s a problem, it’s a fraud or it’s dangerous.

8 August, 2011 08:44

After spending a couple of hours reading murder cases on Wikipedia (this one of Junko Furuta really stuck in my mind especially after I stumble upon photos her captures took) I end up thinking about “motives” and “reasons”. I give it a lot of though but I can’t have an answer that completely satisfies me. I guess we people are violent at some point. Some can handle it and some others can’t. Some can express all this anger, anxiety, stress or name it in a more creative and less harmful way. Some others point this cruelty towards themselves (that’s why suicide happens?) and some lose control and become really violent towards others. Is there any effective way to prevent such behaviours? Is there a guarantee that a child which has never in his life in any way witness violent behaviour won’t feel the urge to be more or less violent, abusive or take control of others? Why a teenager lies at her boyfriend that she cheated on him just to see his reaction (true story)? Is this a way of “torturing” him? I don’t say this is the same thing as that four guys torturing to death Junko Furate for 44 days, but if you come to think about it in a different scale, maybe we like to cause pain even if it looks “innocent”.

I really don’t know…