8 August, 2011 08:44

After spending a couple of hours reading murder cases on Wikipedia (this one of Junko Furuta really stuck in my mind especially after I stumble upon photos her captures took) I end up thinking about “motives” and “reasons”. I give it a lot of though but I can’t have an answer that completely satisfies me. I guess we people are violent at some point. Some can handle it and some others can’t. Some can express all this anger, anxiety, stress or name it in a more creative and less harmful way. Some others point this cruelty towards themselves (that’s why suicide happens?) and some lose control and become really violent towards others. Is there any effective way to prevent such behaviours? Is there a guarantee that a child which has never in his life in any way witness violent behaviour won’t feel the urge to be more or less violent, abusive or take control of others? Why a teenager lies at her boyfriend that she cheated on him just to see his reaction (true story)? Is this a way of “torturing” him? I don’t say this is the same thing as that four guys torturing to death Junko Furate for 44 days, but if you come to think about it in a different scale, maybe we like to cause pain even if it looks “innocent”.

I really don’t know…


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