3 October, 2011 02:35

A few days ago I decided to use my new iPod (it was a gift). So I was instructed to download iTunes but as it seems iTunes doesn’t fit in a Windows XP 64-Bit edition. So I guess all these horrible stories about Apple are real.

Anyway I get through this and now I am happily listening to:
1. Within Temptation- The Unforgiving
2. Ulver- War of the Roses
3. Thee Silver Mt. Zion- Kollaps Tradixionales
4. Opeth- Heritage
5. Mogwai- Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will
6. God Is An Astronaut- Age of the Fifth Sun
7. Enigma- Seven Lives Many Faces
8. Dream Theater- Black Clouds And Silver Linings
9. Anathema- Were Here Because Were Here
10. Amorphis-The_Beginning_Of_Times-2011-r35
11. Pain of Salvation- Road Salt Two

and more to come hopefully.


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