Things I love Thursday

I have seen the above title around the internet for a while now. On some blogs people choose this day to feature their favorite things. So I decided to do the same as well (these kind of posts will be my +1 tag).

1. One of my all time favorite things is that after all these years studying English, I still don’t know the days of the week. I have to google it in order to make sure which day is Thursday.

2. Stellarium is a free open source planitarium. Really helpful especially when you watch the night sky and all you see are just bright lights and not constellations.

3. Speaking of constellations, I love this gift idea of embroidered horoscope signs.

4. I find this animated short film about employment really powerful and so true. Usually when I watch films I notice the visual part more than the story or scenario. But this one held my attention.

5. I really enjoy reading tips and techniques on how to improve your popularity online. Actually my thesis was about how internet social tools and media help a museum to reach its visitors online and maintain a quality relationship with them. Anyway this article gives a smart idea of how to increase your blog’s traffic.

6. And speaking of museums a couple of weeks ago I read about a sleepover for children  organized in some Greek museums (Thessaloniki Olympic Museum, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art etc). I love this idea! It makes me want to be a kid again and live in Thessaloniki.

7. I came across this site, Pencilhead. At first I was a little puzzled because I didn’t understand what I was supposed to watch. As it seems there is a really beautiful animated video but you have to take some tests in order to watch the full version or you can just use google and find it on vimeo.


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