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Things I love Thursday

1. A few weeks ago I found an e shop full of enormously cheap luxurious clothing. For no particular reason I spent hours browsing wedding dresses and was amazed to see that there was a version of Kate’s Middleton wedding dress.

2. There is an old youtube video titled “UFO Haiti” which happened to watch recently. It seems to be a really clever and successful ad (while got my full attention) for a certain animation software.

3. I read a really interesting post by The Museum of the Future which clarifies the confusion about the extended use of social media in order to be financial profitable and popular. Generally I love reading articles that talk about  online marketing and new media strategies but most of them seem to be written superficially with a more enthusiastic and less down to earth attitude for what actually pages like Facebook can offer.

4. Photographer Sandy Kim for once again managed to mesmerize me not only with her photos but also with this original idea of a website menu. Very simply and familiar.

5. I guess this is the future in children’s books.


I should…

be doing something else but creative procrastination took over me.

[+I need a scanner desperately. :/ ]