Original sin.

I remember learning at school that we must decipher the original sin and all these stories from the bible  because they were more parables and symbolic stories than real or historical events e.g. Adam and Eve was more a symbol for the human race than a specific couple. Since then I was wondering if such stories like the fall of man were symbolic why everyone choose to depict the evil who lured Eve to taste the apple, as a snake.  So one though lead to another and finally I decided that a monkey must be the number one suspect who framed Eve and his tools of trade were bananas (of course). You see reading my Chinese sign which is monkey I learn that monkeys are clever animals but also can be deceptive, cunning, persuasive,tricky and manipulative (I so love me :} ).

My reference for my Adam and Eve was from Jan van Eyck’s “The Ghent altarpiece” and if  by any chance my monkey looks like a movie villain I would be more happy than a bird with a french fry.

You can find prints here: society6.com/ninthestars


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