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Martha Marcy May Marlene and Photoshop action.

A few months ago (I think) I watched this interesting film Martha Marcy May Marlene.  What held my attention most (among other things) was some dark toned scenes creating a really mysterious and sometimes ominous atmosphere like these screenshots (omg I hope it’s not totally illegal to post screenshots from the film :} ).

Of course there is always the official trailer where you can see what I am talking about. Also imdb informs me that Jody Lee Lipes was the cinematographer (well done Mr. Lipes).  Anyway I tried to made a Photoshop action hoping to have this effect on my photos. Of course I didn’t manage to succeed that, but at some level I was pleased with the result.

If you want you can download my (free) Photoshop action  from my blog’s brand new section “resources“. All the cool kids use Photoshop actions. :p


 Every time  I visit tumblr or pinterest I would definitely stumble upon a deer or a moose or an animal with horns, so I didn’t have much choice than draw one. I had 3 different versions for the foliage

and although most people liked the light brown one I preferred the 2nd option.  But still I am not quite sure how I feel about this. The sure thing is I listened to a lot of the Shaolin Afronauts while coloring it, so I guess that’s why the warm colors (?) (or maybe this is something that a Shaolin Afronaut would eyewitness while traveling).

Anyway.. prints and other stuff here: