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Grocery bag.

Plus it’s an eco-friendly one. ;)


The other day…

I found this photo of Kurt Russell having long hair and bear and being extremely lovable (Goldie Hawn is such a lucky girl). The photo is from a movie called “The thing”. So I thought I have to watch this movie just to admire how cute Russell was, I bookmarked it but after a while I forgot all about my thoughts of desire for him and today while drawing I decided to have on  in the background a random movie. The movie had some interesting parts so I google it for more infos and then it hit me. It was the movie with Russel.. but he was not in it. By mistake I watched the prequel 2001 film with the very same name. So after that I watched the first movie and it was kinda cool because it was like watching a TV series. :p

Also I learned that there is also a 1951 version of “The thing”, so many movies if you think  it’s just a mediocre story. o_O