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A love story.

I found this bird sitting there while it was raining heavily outside this morning. I was wondering if it was sick or confused or maybe disoriented. I always though they could take care of themselves better than this. Then my mother stated that it might be depressed because it lost its mate. I am not sure what kind of bird it is*, but I was pretty sure that lovesick strikes only pigeons and this one didn’t look like a pigeon to me. So I wasn’t sure what to do and I tried not to get very close because I didn’t want to scare it away. But as soon as the rain stopped it flew towards the tree, and after a couple of minutes it was reunited with it’s friend or relative. They seemed really cheerful together, flapping their wings and trying the get rid of the rain from their bodies. I was completely fascinated by their intimate moments that I didn’t take any pictures. I think that is my problem, I get so easily distracted.  :/

* IT IS after all a bird in the dove family.


If you look carefully…

there are little rainbows on the clouds.