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I drew the couple and fountain a year ago, but I couldn’t  finish the coloring, I was thinking that something was missing from the composition. So I decided to add a lavish garden to mix things up. :p

I like it better now.

Prints, iPhone cases, laptop skins, cards, pillows as usual here.

Plus I made a plate cos I thought it would be cute, you can find it in my zazzle store here.

And close-ups.

couple-2 couple-5 couple-3 couple-4



“Ο άνθρωπος…

έχει μνήμη ανάλογη της πουτάνας που του γάμησε τη ζωή.”





I always admire people that can put their thoughts on a a paper, for me sometimes is even difficult to write a proper description for my illustrations. That’s why I have a secretly admiration for Nick, because since a very young age he was really good at creating fantasy worlds and tell epic stories that take place in multiverses.. of course I must be his worst reader by far, actually I am not at all an avid reader of fantasy books. :}

Nevertheless I was thrilled when he trusted me to create an illustration for one of his stories “Red Swan”, so I tried my best to deliver something really special.

Prints as usual here.

swan2 swan5 swan4 swan3