Things I love Thursday.

I’ve been meaning to make a post about all the great illustrators, graphic designers and artists in general that inspire me for so long now, and finally the day has come. (Maybe I should prepare myself for a similar post about music I like and songs.. xm). Of course here I mention a few artist not all of them, just let’s say when I need ideas to steal (sorry, I mean inspiration), their work is the first thing I look at. :}


1. Teagan White (of course)

I think I love her not only because she is extremely talented (obviously) but also every-time I asked her for help and instructions she was more than explanatory  and eager to help. Plus she was the reason I learned how to color my line-work with this great tutorial.

2. Sara Blake

I love how she combines traditional and new media. And she is a Libra too. :}

3. Audrey Kawasaki

I think she is really popular on the internet  cos every now and then I stumble upon a painting of hers in tumlbr and pinterest, which is fine because her work is totally eye-candy ans sexy and erotic and sensual. Btw she made a great Margaery for a game of thrones exhibition.

4. Katie Scott

After Teagan’s work I think her illustrations are my no2 on my list of illustrations I try to copy. :p

5. Rebecca Green

Because her illustrations make me feel so warm inside and cozy and fluffy.



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