Asos online shop.

Well I have never done something similar but I am gonna bitching about Asos online shop. I wanted to order these  shoes . In my first attempt a few days ago, the store was giving me  the option to add paypal as my payment method and the price was about €37.92 with the discount. But for some reason I couldn’t complete the payment and I was getting an error message, to choose another payment method. When I refresh the page with the product I noticed that my shoe’s No. was out of stock, so I thought that was the problem. After a couple of days I checked the shoes again, and to my surprise my No. was available again, so I tried to buy them but I was getting the same error message and my ordered was canceled by Asos. So I tried to write a message to the help center, but I got this message “Not enough contact info given in order to create the incident.” Well, I filled in all the blanks, I even added a screenshot with the error messages but I couldn’t sent the message to the help center for no obvious reason (to me). So I gave up.

Today I checked the shoes again (I really like them :( damn you Asos) and my No. was available again but this time the site was asking me to choose another payment method cos paypal wasn’t available (you think?! :p). So I did it hoping that everything would be fixed now. But noooooo! For some reason I can’t add the exp. date of my mastercard…. “The following errors have occurred: the end date is in an invalid date format or has not been specified”. Writing to the help center again wasn’t a big help cos I am not giving enough contact info for the incident…. So according to Asos what I am doing wrong? Hm?

I feel so frustrated and stupid, that’s not so good for a costumer you know.

UPDATE 5/Febr/14

I contacted Asos via their facebook page about my problems, I got a pretty fast answer suggesting to clear my browser’s history and my cookies.  I didn’t want to do that, so I turned to a friend who tried to make the order with his mac computer and everything worked fine. :p

Although I was holding my breath till the confirmation email of my order  arrive (it took a little bit longer than 24 hours)  cos I was afraid that the shoes will be out of stock again. Everything seems ok for now, the shoes are on their way.. so we will see. :}


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