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31 January, 2012 03:20

Now that I’ve finished filling my Cafepress e-shop with all kind of products and I have enough experience under my belt to write down a brief commentary on Etsy, Cafepress and Society6 I decided to do my evaluation.

On Society6 you have to pay a small fee for activating your account, but you can list items for free on some available products such as prints, t-shirts and hoodies, pc and phone cases and… that’s all I think. You get paid every month no matter what amount of money your items make. I sold a print on Society6 and I didn’t notice (yet) any fee for this transaction.

On Cafepress you can have an account for free and you can upload as many products as you want (plus the list of products is endless) without paying anything. You get paid every month as soon as you reach a minimum amount of money, 25 USD. A disadvantage of Cafepress is that uploading pictures gets really- really slow at times and you get system errors at rush hour every now and then.

On Etsy you pay a fee for activating your account, for every item you upload and every time you sell a product. A product is valid only for 4 months so after this period if you list it again you have to pay again. (I think the only service I don’t pay for on Etsy is browsing around :p) Also on Etsy you are the seller so you have to take care of the safe delivery of your products.