Μόνο εσύ.


Της ονείρωξης μπαχάρι και στα πόδια σου ανάμεσα σφίγγεις το μαξιλάρι




Shoes. niah niah.

Every now and then I read this girl’s blog (suzi9mm, she used to be a popular photographer in DA community) where she is really fond of posting photos of new shoes she buys. For the first time in my life I feel the urge to do the exact same thing. My Asos shoes are here, finally. :}

DSC_6482 DSC_6485


Valentine’s day cards.

To be honest vday and festives in general don’t hold much meaning to me but every now and then I like to go with the flow and try to create something special for this day. Nevertheless it’s always a good change for practice and to try new things. For example this time I learned how to make patterns. So I used my St. Valentine’s Flowers clip art and after a lot of experimenting in photoshop here we are, two patterns which you can find in my society6 store here and here.


And my cards (the wording is handwritten and the last ones are in greek and special made for someone special :} ) which you can find in my zazzle store.

valentines_green_zazzle valentines_white_zazzlevalentines_white2_zazzle valentines_green2_zazzle